April 27, 2006



Great! Good to see that you are trying to make things better. DC needs someone with a clear idea of how to improve education, and the intention to actually do it.


The Washington elite do not see a connection between opportunities for the lowest income citizens and their upper class lifestyle. The most privileged families (who send their children to St. Albans and N.C.S. for example) have few daily experiences that allow them to relate to the D.C. family that has to rely on the Washington Public School system for education. Many heads of the highest income households hold a preconception that low income people are lazy, stupid and indifferent. It's an obvious rationalization and it embitters the working poor who were born in a reductionist system without opportunities or resources.

How do you plan to convince the wealthiest D.C. residents to part with what amounts to some pocket money, in order to invest in the lives of their neighbors?

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